Darryl Hill

Session Musician

Darryl performed on national tours with the late Luther "snake" Johnson and has a keen sense of adapting to all genre of music.

Available for audio for video,Sound project studio equipped with ProTools, also Korg D1200 Digital Recording Studio,Korg Trinity Pro V3, Cool Edit Pro software; Studio work on Taylor and Fender Guitars, Bass, Keys, and also Violin and Blues Harp.

Arranger, Composer, Transcriptions, Sound Effects Audio editing capabilities. All Styles.

Available for private study on several instruments and can be found at darrylhill.practicespot.com

Background music performed by Darryl. 

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DARRYL HILL: Out Of The Box $12.97
DARRYL HILL: Journeys On The Ivory Keys For Relaxing And Awakening Chi $9.97
DARRYL HILL: Hootin The Blues $12.97
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Phone (508)230-2412

View Darryl Hill's EPK
View Darryl Hill's EPK


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